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Gloria Groves

Gloria Groves

Best of Omaha
3 years!

Voted Best Interior Design in 2004 by Remodel Omaha Tour
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Interior Designer

Our team has years of experience as interior designers. We have spent these years learning about interior design concepts, such as color coordination, arrangement, space, and light utilization. A true interior designer can pull all of this together to create sheer elegance.  

We offer a wide range of services. Some customers need a basic color consultation. This involves looking at a finished room and identifying which colors are working together as they should, and which are not. The end result will be a balanced room that looks very stylish.

Others may need a full redesign of a room, several rooms, or the entire home. This may involve changing the décor, wall colors, flooring, light figures, and more.  Gloria supervises everything and works with any contractors to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We only work with licensed and insured professionals, so our customers can rest assured throughout their experience with us.

Expert Commercial Remodeler

Customers who want more than a simple interior redesign may be more interested in Gloria’s Elegant Interiors and Consulting expert remodeling services, rather than solely the design aspect. We offer a wide range of remodeling services:

  • Consultations – we will provide our customers with ideas, critiques, and plans for what a space could be.
  • Building layout – we work with homebuilders to design their new houses to reflect their personalities and their likes.
  • Design – for customers who want something unique, we can help with the design.
  • Color coordination – whether it’s one basic color or several bright choices, we will help coordinate colors and determine how to make them really pop.
  • Furniture advice – customers who aren’t sure what type of furniture will fit a room can turn to us for assistance.

We will assist in the remodeling of any room, handling everything from kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling to basement, and foyer remodels.  We make certain to work with the customer every step of the way so that the final remodel is exactly what they want.

Custom Window Treatments

Changing the window treatments is one way of giving a room an entirely new look and feel.  This one small element can draw the eye or fade into the background as needed.

We specialize in the use of colors to create everything from a peaceful, serene set of draperies to a bold, stylish window treatment that truly stands out.  It all depends on what fits the room and the customer.  

We’re ready to transform our customers’ homes in whatever way they want.  We want to be your complete design specialist… from consultation to completion!

So . . . whether decorating a Home or Business, we’re proud to ensure the highest level of quality and interior designs available on the market.

Call today for your personal consultation and let Gloria create a dream-come-true for you!

The Best Interior Designer of Omaha

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